Up for a trip to the Bahamas?… Well, here is a list of things you need to know for the same!

Up for a trip to the Bahamas?… Well, here is a list of things you need to know for the same!

In the contemporary modern world, there is no doubt that everything around us has become advanced in a way that would make our lives easier. But with it has come along the rushed-up schedules that have constantly kept us busy in the race of running after success. It has rendered us a monotonous life that we surely need to get away from at times to freshen up ourselves so that we can be back to work with more energy and fresh minds.

One activity that has proven effective in rendering instant happiness and excitement in the lives of people is travelling. And if the trip planned is to a destination like the Bahamas, nothing would stop you from a joyful experience with everything of the journey being sorted by you beginning from the booking the flights, accommodation etc. to planning out the activities for the days you will be spending there.

If you are also up for a trip to the Bahamas, here is a list of points you must know about.

No need for currency exchange

While travelling to the Bahamas, there is no need for you to worry about the currency exchange. It is because the Bahamian dollar works at par with the US dollar, with debit cards, Mastercard, traveller’s cheques etc., being widely accepted.

Have a return ticket along with you

As you enter the Bahamas, you might have to prove that you will be returning from the country. Thus, make sure to have the return ticket booked and readily available with you while you take off for the trip there.

Use various apps to avoid skyrocketing recharge bills

It is suggested to use various apps like Google Hangouts, Viber, WhatsApp etc. to interact with your family and friends from the native place as that would help you to keep in check the recharge bills, and you can still stay in touch with the people with whom you wish to connect.

Gratuities to be included

As you keep the money with you, be sure of the idea that gratuities will be added everywhere in the Bahamas, be it the bar bills or the restaurants. The gratuity is around 15%. So, keep everything planned to avoid any confusion at a later stage.


Set up your watch as per EST

As you step into the Bahamas, you must change the watch settings to that of the Eastern Standard Time as that is how it operates there.

Stop worrying about the language

You do not have to be fearful about interacting with people there if you don’t know their native language. Do away with that thought because English is the language that is spoken in every corner of the Bahamas.

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