New Customs Fee On Hold, Ministry Of Finance

New Customs Fee On Hold, Ministry Of Finance

In a recent set of developments regarding the customs, the government announced yesterday that there will be a temporary revocation of the Bahamas Customs Department processing fee. The fee was approved in the 2021/2022 budget. The developments come there has been an allegation of misconduct, and the processing fee is extracted from the inaccurate practices.

In further explanation, the government said that there will be a processing fee levied on the goods when they enter the country. In addition to that, the fee was put in place to support the customs department, however, with the unfair practicing approach, it has been levied, and altered.

New Customs Fee On Hold, Ministry Of Finance

The representative further stated that the fee will be levied on the individuals that declare the taxable goods on the C17 and C18 forms as well as the baggage declarations. Commenting on the errors that have happened in the past, Comptroller of Customs Dr. Geannine Moss said that the fee that has been charged to the people due to unfair means is being rectified.

He further said that the fee is being collected by the customs department and then deposited in the treasury. “We are mindful that some have been charged unfairly, and we will make the provisions for the rectification. The representative further said that while the fee was being lifted, they were making sure of the training, and its proper implementation. In addition to that, those coming into the country can declare their goods online, and pay for them. In this regard, the ministry of finance had introduced the Exempt App that will allow the people to declare and pay for the fees electronically.

The fee will either be charged electronically or at the manual entry point. However, the earlier lack of information led to some people being unfairly charged. In this regard, the ministry had made sure to take the steps to rectify the errors, and made sure that the new approach is better. The electronic app will allow the users to declare, and pay the amount without any hassle. Further in reaction to the app, the ministry sought information about the app, they said “The app was approved and proposed by the Customs Department New Providence”. Though the previous usage of the processing fee threw the public into a pickle, this time the ministry seeks to make it more convenient. In this regard, proper training will be provided, and educating the public will be the priority.

In addition to that, electronic payment makes the payment more appealing as the people entering the country can download the app, and make the payment. However, the payment can also be accepted at the manual entry point. Ministry seeks to make the process as smooth as possible, so in this case, as the fee is being suspended, the administration will be investing in educating and training the staff as well as the public regarding the fees, and how to approach it in the best possible way to avoid any embarrassing situation.

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