How Are The Bahamas Re-Opening To The Tourists

How Are The Bahamas Re-Opening To The Tourists

The announcements for the reopening of the country were made in July, however, the government of the country hinted towards a different approach. In this regard, the Bahamas introduced a five-phase plan of the country for the reopening to international tourists. The country is open to the tourist, but there are some guidelines instructed by the administration for the smooth flow of the crowd. Regarding the vaccination, the vaccinated people who are coming to the country are exempted from the tests from May 1.

The country with more than 600 islands has announced that the nation is open to a touristy audience. The hotels in the country are open, and public space can be used given that the necessary protocols are maintained. Many of the hotels and the resorts in the country are reopening, including Atlantis, and the Ocean Club or Seasons Resort. Though the resorts were never closed, the pandemic had obstructed the inflow of the properties.

Bahamas Re-Opening


Vaccinated people will not have to go through any testing, however, the tourists who aren’t vaccinated will need to go through the testing before five days of the visit. Once the negative results have been gotten, then the tourist will need to apply for a visa to the country. However, there is an exception for children that are under 10.

The government said that the vaccinated tourists coming to the country will need to apply for the Bahamas Travel Visa, and also upload their vaccination documents instead of the RT-PCR results. The instruction of the country in this regard is the health insurance that can be obtained on various fee requirements. These rates include $40 for those staying four nights and five days.

$40 – The citizens of the country, and returning residents.

Bahamas Re-Opening

If you’re staying more than four nights, then you will need to pay $60, however, for children who are 10 or under that, the insurance is free. There is no relaxation on the social distancing protocols as it will be in force, and the incoming visitors will have to adhere to the temperature checks as well.

In addition to that, the visitors that are staying more than four nights will be required to take a Covid-19 RAT test on the fifth day which their insurance will cover. However, this doesn’t apply to those who are staying just for four nights. The tourists will receive their results in 60 minutes whether on the text message or the mails.

In this regard, the hotels will have to provide information regarding the testing and ensure that the tests can be carried on the property. Furthermore, the guests arriving in the country, and staying in the hotels will be required to maintain the social distancing. In this regard, there is a certain limitation as to how many people can enter a shop. The guest will be able to go to the excursion or the sightseeing, given that they maintain the necessary health protocols.

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