Govt Will Get Creative With Covid Cases

Govt Will Get Creative With Covid Cases

Nassau, Bahamas — As the Covid cases are rising in the country, and it has pushed health care to its limits, overcapacity is an issue that every hospital will have to deal with. IN this regard, the Minister of Health has said that the government will get creative w8th the hospitalized Covid-19 cases in the country. Reportedly, the hospitalized cases have increased from 138, and now there a4e 146.

Among these cases, 15 are of critical importance and are in intensive care units. Commenting further on the number of Covid beds, he said

“We have probably 140 covid beds” Minister of Health further said that the administration had been adjusting to the circumstances. He further replied to the question and said that there will be an opportunity, and an addition of 34 beds more by next week.

Covid Cases

“We are moving very quickly,” he said “they’re 98 to 99 percent complete. So, we are working very quickly to ensure more bed space”

He further stated that, unlike the first wave, the administration had the solution, and they have it on the ground; vaccines.

“I’m asking the Bahamian people to get vaccinated so that we can move forward. We have seen the results in the countries that are having the surges. A majority of nations are having surges”

He further said that the countries with surges are witnessing a change, and vaccines are helping. The curve is flattening as people choose to vaccinate. Upon asking for the accommodation of the additional patients today, the minister said that the government had been very innovative and creative with the issue. He said that the sector has faced a lot of challenges. He further commented on the challenges the healthcare sector faced in the first wave of the virus.

Covid Cases

“We didn’t have much room, and in the second wave, we reached our limits, and we were still in a capacity to shift the people and make adjustments to ensure that we were able to provide the required healthcare to our people, and we will continue to do it even though we face the challenges”

It’s important to mention that the country recorded 1,221 cases this month only. However, the number appears to be lower than the last months that were 2,185. In addition to that, the country recorded 130 cases on Wednesday. Upon asking whether he was worried about the record number of cases this month, the minister said that the administration was more concerned about catering to the healthcare requirements, and ensuring that the sector responds to the requirements of the hospitalization whenever it’s is needed. Wells was more concerned about the robust response of the government.

Covid Cases

The comments of the minister come after the row over the honorarium to the frontline workers. Many of the workers have been calling in sick to register protests for leaving the payments out. Though this has been going on for days, the two sides are yet to reach a consensus. However, the review of the names by the cabinet will surely offer a way out.

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