Education Minister Brushes Aside Union Strikes

Education Minister Brushes Aside Union Strikes

Commenting on the operation of the schools in the country, the education minister Jeff Floyd has said that he wasn’t concerned about the comments made by the Bahamas Union of Teachers President Belinda Wilson who said that they will take an action on the inability of the schools to operate, or if there is a delay in the increments.

The comments came after the reports of the BUT president sending the voice notes to teachers inquiring about the operation, and readiness of the schools. In this regard, the minister said that they are yet to receive a reply from the Union regarding the assessment due to the Covid situation in the country. The minister said that the schools are set to open from August 23 for teachers, councillors, as well as other staff. He further stated that he has received nothing in writing to comment on the issue.

“I have been informed of the meeting that is expected to take place. I’m waiting for the details” she further added. In addition to that, the minister said that the mismanagement, and the lack of communication between the education officials, and the union has further led to the confusion of the operation of the process. It has led the teachers to be apprehensive of the return to the schools as far as Covid is concerned.

Education Minister

Commenting on the reaction of the staff when the schools aren’t ready, the minister advised the teachers to not enter the schools, but remain outside the school, maintaining the social distancing just in case the schools aren’t ready. In further relief regarding the increments, Wilson said that she has received the details about the increments and the payments will be made this month. She further said that if the demands aren’t met, then they must be ready with the industrial action regarding it.

However, Mr. Lloyd stated that he wasn’t concerned regarding the comments and that the schools will be operating from this month. The schools on the island will start the offline classes whereas the others will be having the blended learning in place due to the Covid-19 situation, he further added. Pointing towards the strategic plan of 2020/21, Lloyd said that the same plan remains in place for this year as well.

He further commented on the operation of the schools on the island and said that face-to-face learning will take place on the southern island.

Education Minister

“Islands, where there is a spike of Covid, will be required to go through the blended learning. I have said it, and I don’t understand why it’s not understandable, but I understand, and we have been in communication with the authorities” He added. authorities.”

He further said that the health authorities have taken precautionary measures to ensure the operation of the schools. To avoid the loss to the students, the minister said “We have had the programs for the summer for the previous year students, and same instructions will be in place as well. The prescriptions have been instructed that you must maintain the social distancing, mask up, 12Sq Ft. distance. There’s nothing new in how we are about to conduct the upcoming school year”

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